“We Neither Glorify Nor Vilify North Korea” : Assorted Reads and Multimedia

By | January 06, 2012

[Updated, January 6] With regard to Chinese contingency planning for a North Korean collapse, Stephan Haggard writes: So what are the Chinese thinking? Reuters recently offered up a summary of the speculation. Although over two years old, the most comprehensive treatment we have seen is a study by Drew Thompson and Carla Freeman called “Flood Across the […]

For Korean Readers

By | January 05, 2012

Adam Cathcart has a new essay available in Korean on the DailyNK website on the subject of Chinese-North Korean tourist ties and the Chinese Embassy in North Korea.

Foundations (1): Quotations from Chairman Kim Il Sung

By | January 04, 2012

What is new and what is old in North Korea?  As was pointed out in a particularly astute recent article in the Washington Post, especially during this transition, Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) forms the ultimate baseline for determining North Korean culture in its many forms, and for measuring its evolution. As B.R. Myers points out in […]

KCNA’s China Prism: Analyzing North Korean Media

By | January 03, 2012

We are pleased to bring to readers KCNA File No 2 – December 10-17, 2011, a complilation of KCNA’s China-related news in the week prior to Kim Jong Il’s death.  Having such data as a baseline is helpful in understanding how, if at all, North Korea’s receptiveness toward China is changing in the “Kim Jong Un […]

Gen. Guo Boxiong at the DPRK Embassy, Dec. 20

By | January 03, 2012

China’s head of state and the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Hu Jintao suprised at least a few people by showing up at the North Korean embassy in Beijing the morning after Kim Jong Il’s death was announced. Although Hu could not meet the DPRK Ambassador to China (more about that in tomorrow’s […]

Links for 2 January 2012

By | January 02, 2012

NPR has a nice round up from Dandong, with some Ming dynasty analysis adding value to the standard border walk and a stunning picture; Rodong Sinmun publishes an upbeat song on page 1 of January 1, 2012, indicating that the next 100 years of the Juche era are going to be energetic; A new story […]

Documenting Chemical Weapons Facilities Along the DPRK’s Northern Frontier

By | January 01, 2012

As documented on this website, recent changes in the DPRK have prompted renewed assertions by Chinese think-tank intellectuals that now is the time for North Korea to back away from the “military-first” policy which had so distinguished – some might even say marred — Kim Jong-Il’s reign. While the public justification for this recommendation in […]

Breaking Down Signals in North Korean New Years Editorials: Tweet Barrage

By | January 01, 2012

There will be ample time to discern and dissemble whether or how North Korea is taking what China continues to urge (e.g. the path of “reform and opening up” and a reduction in military expenditures) but there are all manner of clues present in the New Years Editorials posted at KCNA yesterday. The editorials can […]