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Yongusil 44: Engaging DPRK at Harvard University

By | September 17, 2014

Several Sino-NK staff played important roles at this engagement-focussed conference in Boston, which also included contributions from Scott Snyder, Bradley Babson, and Fredrick Carriere.

Atomic Aftermath: An Op-Ed Glossary

By | February 18, 2013

Adam Cathcart and Mycal Ford take on a slew of op-eds, half-truths, and brilliant assertions in a creative A-Z glossary of post-nuclear news and opinion.

Fog on the Han: North Says It Wants a Delegation at Park Geun-hye’s Inauguration

By | January 22, 2013

What is the DPRK trying to achieve by signalling it wants to participate in the presidential inauguration in Seoul? Analysis by Steven Denney and Christopher Green, and quotes from Scott Snyder.

Weekly Digest

By | March 09, 2012

Steven Denney is the Editor-in-Chief of the Yonsei Journal of International Studies (PEAR) — a journal which is accepting submissions from graduate students and junior faculty until March 15, Seoul time. In this installment of the Weekly Digest, Denney tackles the week’s major events vis-a-vis North Korea: nukes, drugs, food aid, and Joshua Stanton. Weekly Digest by […]

China’s Rise and Its Effect on North Korea: Snyder, Byun, Economy, Moon

By | February 23, 2012

Think-Tank Watch remains in the queue for tomorrow, but in the meantime, a handful of sources and audio-visual content which may be of note to readers.  — Adam Cathcart, Editor – Foreign Affairs asks Elizabeth Economy about China & North Korea’s Future: – Scott Snyder and See-won Byun’s “China-Korea Relations: New Challenges in the Post-Kim Jong Il Era,” Comparative […]

Think-Tank Watch

By | February 17, 2012

Steven Denney is editor-in-chief  of PEAR, Yonsei University’s graduate journal, a leading voice at the Political Cartel (East Asia) blog, and a master’s student in Global Studies at Yonsei University. In the “week in review” for February 13 through February 17, 2012, Denney, Think-Tank Analyst for, compiles a list of recent articles on North Korea and Sino-North Korean relations. […]