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Icons of Brisk Planting in the DPRK | Rodong Sinmun's "Stamp of Approval," March 20, 2012


– Adam Cathcart, SinoNK’s chief editor, had a piece published in The Atlantic on the subject of the DPRK’s orchestral diplomacy.

– Juan Cole at Informed Comment relied on SinoNK’s breakdown of what the University of Michigan professor called “The N. Korea-Iran Nuclear Connection Fraud.”

– Stephan Haggard’s essential Witness to Transformation blog cited SinoNK’s treatment of the allegations of spring 2010 North Korean-Iranian nuclear collusion.

– Mary Soo Anderson, SinoNK’s Analyst for Refugee Issues, had her essay linked at Global Voices Online.

– Chris Green’s recent SinoNK essay on rice prices was cited by Yong Kwon in the Asia Times.

– Jende Huang’s essay on North Korean drug problems refuses to go softly into the night, and was consequently cited by the magazine Busan Haps

– Alan Ferrie’s essays on North Korean economic potential continue to bounce around Twitter.

Editors Across Frontiers

Managing Editor Charles Kraus, who is based in Washington, D.C., spent March 15-16 at the Association for Asian Studies’ Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada. Kraus was a participant on the panel “Ethnicity and State Power in China’s Western Borderlands: The Early People’s Republic” and presented his research findings on Chinese Communist state consolidation in Xinjiang Province. In his travels between Toronto, New York City, and Washington, Kraus wrote one essay about Zhang Dejiang’s ties to North Korea and translated a Chinese essay about Sino-North Korean student exchanges.

Kraus will be speaking in Washington, D.C., on April 6 at the SAIS Asia Conference. His presentation is entitled “Mutual Dependence in Sino-North Korean Relations: Evidence from the Chinese Civil War and the Korean War.”

SinoNK is glad to welcome Steven Denney as an Assistant Editor.  On March 22, Denney attended the ASAN Conference in Seoul, Korea entitled “What Does North Korea Want?  A Deal or a Crisis?” Scott Snyder, Ralph Cossa and Georgy Toloraya were in attendance.  (Denney commented on the opinions expressed by Cossa in the latest Weekly Digest.)  Synder’s proposal for how to stop North Korea’s satellite launch was first proposed at the conference. Denney is working with John Delury, the Yonsei University professor whose recent essay in the Korea Times with Moon Chung-in suggests that a US envoy be sent to Pyongyang in order to ease the rising tension between the US and the DPRK.

Chief Editor Adam Cathcart spent about a week in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region, picking up new historical materials and taking a temperature check. Presently writing and researching from Chengdu (Sichuan, PRC) he is struggling mightily to control the urge to board a high-speed train to personally witness the first days of the Zhang Dejiang era in Chongqing. In April, Cathcart will be based in Berlin, performing cello recitals and rehearsing/arranging North Korean and Chinese contemporary repertoire with the pianist Andreas Boelcke.

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