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One Ocean, Two Systems : Drills in the Yellow Sea and China’s Maritime Outlook

By | July 06, 2012

For the first time, Korean, Japanese and U.S. Forces conducted a tri-lateral exercise in the Yellow Sea.  China released a carefully worded statement emphasizing that the exercises took place “beyond the territorial waters of any country.”  Those seven words are critical to China and to Chinese claims to disputed waters in Southeast Asia.  They also […]

Insidious Songbun: Roundup of Recent HRNK Panel

By | July 06, 2012

Insidious  Songbun: Roundup of Recent HRNK Panel For many years, few substantive sources on Songbun – North Korea’s social classification system – have existed in English. A new report from Human Rights North Korea changes all that. Robert Collins recently presented his work “Marked For Life: Songbun, Korea’s Social Classification System,” before a panel hosted […]