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Access to Propaganda: On The Associated Press Deal with North Korea

By | August 04, 2012

The Associated Press (AP), one of the world’s most respected sources for breaking news, is banking on making the deal of the century. Steven Denney analyzes the AP’s deal in Pyongyang, with Edgar Snow in China as a counterfoil.

Red August: New Posters from DPRK, via Uriminzokkiri

By | August 04, 2012

New North Korean posters emerged on August 1, 2012. SinoNK takes a look at two examples.

Let Them Eat Concerts, II: Musical Diplomacy, the Ri Sol-ju Rollout, and Kim Ki-Nam

By | August 04, 2012

Analysis of the Moranbong Band as an instrument of DPRK cultural diplomacy, interaction with “First Lady” Ri Sol-ju, and the geriatrics of the Politburo.