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Chinese Bureaucratic Politics and Sino-North Korean Relations: Dynamics and Implications

By | August 05, 2012

Beijing University’s Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga contends that Chinese bureaucratic politics largely drives the direction of the Sino-North Korean relationship.

Korean War Revivalism in DPRK: Historical Consolidation and Personality Cults

By | August 05, 2012

Materials show how the DPRK has been changing its own Korean war narrative — and keeping it stable. The return to fulsome gratefulness to China in the last week of July, and the in-depth discussion of the glories of socialist internationalism before that, showed that North Korea seems determined not to go forward absent the protective shield of the Chinese People’s Republic.

See You in Rio: A Final Look at Team North Korea during the London Olympics

By | August 05, 2012

Ben Young went from Yanji to Pyongyang during the Olympic Games, and arrives with a final assessment.