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Pedal Primacy: On the Bicycle in Kaesong

By | August 28, 2012

Christopher Green discusses the the ubiquitousness of bicycles in the DPRK, the Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC), expropriation of wage earners at KIC and other joint ventures, and making it in North Korea’s urban areas.

Food Aid, Nuclear Digging, Regime Stability, and ‘Sources’: Yong Kwan’s Interview with Chris Green

By | August 28, 2012

A 50-minute interview on the series features Christopher Green, the international managing editor for the Daily NK in Seoul, with Yong Kwon.

The Importance of Confucian Values to Kim Jong Il’s System: Nicolas Levi on North Korean Ideology

By | August 28, 2012

Nicholas Levi, in a recent presentation in Seoul, makes the case that North Korea can be at least partially seen as the modern revival of the Choson Confucianism in terms of ideological phenomenon.