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Juche Pop: New Assessments of the Moranbong Band

By | September 28, 2012

A musical vision of the DPRK future? Adam Cathcart translates a favorable article about North Korea’s favorite new ensemble, and Jimin Lee provides commentary.

Editor’s Note

By | September 27, 2012

As the fall semester gets off the ground in earnest, we anticipate enacting a few more changes to our overall profile which we anticipate announcing relatively soon. In the meantime, a spin-through some recent activity of our editors and selected analysts may be of interest. Here is a tour of Sino-NK around the web, and its editors and analysts in action around the world.

The Public Sphere in South Korea: Kim Young-hwan on the National Security Act

By | September 26, 2012

Amplifying and analyzing critiques of South Korea made by human rights activist Kim Young-hwan at a Yonsei talk, Steven Denney takes on B.R. Myers and the history of the ROK.

Reviewing “The Flower Girl”: DPRK Sea of Blood Opera Troupe on Tour in China (3)

By | September 23, 2012

What are the harmonic underpinnings of North Korean persuasion and social control? Adam Cathcart continues with an examination of a core DPRK opera.

Port Mentality: North Korean-Chinese Relations and Rajin

By | September 21, 2012

Nick Miller interprets Chinese investment into Rason, the port in extreme northeast Korea, into Beijing’s financial and strategic perspective. Intro by Roger Cavazos.

Contemplating a Post-Xi Landscape: Four Scenarios for Xi Jinping’s Absence, Return, or Purge

By | September 13, 2012

Roger Cavazos (SinoNK Coordinator & Analyst with Nautilus Insitute) injects multiple doses of realism and context into the mystifying narrative of Chinese heir apparent Xi Jinping’s disappearance.

North Korea, Climate Mitigation and the Global Commons

By | September 08, 2012

What convergence exists between climate change and regime stability in DPRK? Dr. Benjamin Habib explores North Korea’s outlook on carbon credits and international climate conventions.

The Plot Thickens: Documenting the DPRK-Xiyang Spat

By | September 06, 2012

North Korean media strikes back at a Chinese company, and the PRC state media wades into the fray. Adam Cathcart tries to translate us out of the quagmire.