No “Light Out”: Ukraine Draws Upon South Korea’s Electrical Energy Expertise

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Where South Korea may not be contributing to Ukraine’s war efforts with direct material support on par with the West, the ROK continues to serve as a model for Ukrainian policymakers in how to stay afloat in adverse conditions. Russia’s continued attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has prompted Kyiv to draw upon best practices in protecting electrical energy infrastructure, and where better to look for inspiration than a country famous the globe over for keeping the lights on in a dark neighborhood?


Ukraine will use South Korea’s experience in protecting energy facilities: they also have a “good neighbor”[1]

Ukraine is studying South Korea’s experience in protecting its energy facilities from potential attacks, stated the General Director of Ukrhydroenergy Ihor Syrota in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

“The president already held a meeting about it. We have a recovery strategy: we should be better protected against rocket attacks, and for this we need to make adjustments to our facilities’ designs. Therefore, I went to South Korea, which also has a ‘good neighbor’ of its own, and they shared their experience regarding what needs to be done above all to be less vulnerable to missile attacks” he said.

Ukrhydroenergo is already adjusting the designs of their facilities for capacity restoration and in the construction of new facilities, particularly at the Kakhova Hydroelectric Power Plant, the Kaniv Hydroelectric Power Plant and the Dniester Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant, factoring in South Korea’s experience.

“In South Korea, we saw how equipment and block transformers are all hidden either underground or in rock formations. We will also soon implement such designs” Syrota remarked.

— From October 10, 2022, Russia has been deliberately attacking Ukrainian power stations and other energy infrastructure across Ukrainian territory. Since then, there have been widespread rolling blackouts, first in the northern and central parts of the country, and then from October 25th, across the entire country except for occupied regions.

— Ukraine has not suffered a deficit in electrical energy thanks to a combination of factors: nuclear power plant workload, warm weather, the flooding of the Dniepr River and imports from Europe.

— On March 3rd, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced that Ukraine is planning to use the upcoming warm season to significantly strengthen the physical protection of energy facilities from aerial attacks.


Original article by Andriy Vodyany. Translated by Anthony V. Rinna.


[1] Source: Andriy Vodyany, “Ukraine will use South Korea’s experience in protecting energy facilities: they also have a “good neighbor” [Украина использует опыт Кореи в защите объектов энергетики: У них тоже сосед “хороший]”,, March 16, 2023,




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