Moranbong Band: Joseon Style Electronic Music on a New Level

By | April 08, 2013

Sino-NK’s Performing Arts Analyst Jimin Lee examines the Moranbong Band’s debut “Demonstration Concert” through the lens of its own name—that is, as a demonstration of its potential to act as bridge to the world with its “New Joseon Style” of pop musical performance.

Juche Pop: New Assessments of the Moranbong Band

By | September 28, 2012

A musical vision of the DPRK future? Adam Cathcart translates a favorable article about North Korea’s favorite new ensemble, and Jimin Lee provides commentary.

Songun Mini-Skirt: Ri Sol-ju, the Moranbong Band, and North Korean Fashion Norms

By | August 09, 2012

Considering the Moranbong Band performance as a kind of promise to the women of Pyongyang: material prosperity is around the corner in the form of jewelry, short skirts, and high-heels.

Let Them Eat Concerts: Music, the Moranbong Band and Cultural Turns in Kim Jong Un’s Korea

By | July 12, 2012

Sometimes analysts fixate all of their energies on hard institutions, such as the central government, the military, or emergent non-governmental groups, as the primary drivers of society. Although government decrees, military drills and protests are important indicators, sometimes the less obvious — that which doesn’t involve rocket launches or social upheaval — tells an equal amount […]

Free to be Controlled: Press and Protest under Park Chung-hee

By | November 30, 2022

A review of two recent works examining the role of the media and the development of protest culture in South Korea during the Park regime.