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Cleaning the House Before Inviting Guests In: Events and Developments in April and Beyond

By | April 25, 2012

Editors on the Move // On Friday, April 27,’s chief editor, Adam Cathcart, will be speaking at Leiden University: Managing Editor Charles Kraus presented research from the same co-authored project at Johns Hopkins University SAIS on April 6, 2012. Assistant Editor Steven Denney will be attending the 2012 Asan Plenum from April 25-27 at […]

Open Questions in the Aftermath of April 15

By | April 17, 2012

Open Questions in the Aftermath of April 15 by Adam Cathcart Unlike the DPRK economy, news about North Korea is moving faster than a horse with wings, and it’s easy to feel that the arc of events has overtaken one’s ability to trace everything that is occurring. Consider this series of facts: In the space […]

Information Fallout: Tracing Implications that North Korea Tested Nuclear Weapons for Iran

By | March 04, 2012

If you are like the editors of this website, you, dear reader, are probably wondering: “Did North Korea really test a nuclear weapon for the Iranians?” The assertion, as this type tends to be, is delivered at an exquisite moment of ferment: We are at the outset of the first discernable thaw in US-DPRK relations […]

Refoulement et l’Espionnage: Recent European Reportage and Analysis on the Refugee Issue

By | February 28, 2012

Germany’s media market is particularly good at covering certain East Asian issues.  Der Tagesspiegel‘s coverage of the Ai Weiwei affair, for instance, was nothing short of spectacular, and ongoing attention to Japan and China’s memory wars is also top-notch among journalists and writers in Berlin.  Add to that a certain German flair for coverage of […]