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Economic Development on the KCNA Track

By | November 26, 2013

It barely made a splash back home, but a recent SPA decree establishing economic development zones nationwide attracted great international attention. Should it have been so? Chosun Ilbo takes a firm stance, and Christopher Green watches on.

Hwanggumpyong, Thy Name is Mud

By | June 28, 2012 Hwanggumpyong, Thy Name is Mud by Adam Cathcart Devoted readers of the North Korean-Chinese relationship will readily recall the excitement of June 2011, when a personage no less than Jang Song Taek, the presumptive regent-in-waiting, arrived from Pyongyang for an opening ceremony for a new Special Economic Zone on Hwanggumpyong Island (황금평/黄金坪) at the mouth of […]