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Oprah vs. Juche: Reviewing the Ling/Lee Memoirs

By | July 03, 2012

Oprah vs. Juche: Reviewing the Ling/Lee Memoirs by Adam Cathcart and Brian Gleason [1] Ling, Laura and Lisa. Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity in North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home. New York: Harper Collins, 2010. Lee, Euna with Lisa Dickey.  The World Is Bigger Now: An American Journalist’s Release from Captivity […]

Strange Occurrences on the Border: Reviewing the Ling/Lee North Korea Episode

By | January 31, 2012

 As its propaganda testifies, the North Korean state is nothing if not attentive to its anniversaries.  Kim Jong Il’s 70th birthday on February 16, 2012, along with Kim Il Sung’s 100th birthday on April 15, 2012, are serving as repetitious focal points and justifications for – what else? – massive labor mobilization in the DPRK.  However, among […]

Catch and Release: Journalists on the North Korean-Chinese Border

By | January 20, 2012

In the long aftermath of the Laura Ling-Euna Lee fiasco, may be featuring a couple of posts looking back at the memoirs of the two main participants, since notes on their decidedly mixed oeuvre exist, await typing and more thought (presuming that the thought precedes the typing).  The Oprah-NK demographic, after all, is one that we […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop—Recent Activity on the Sino-DPRK border

By | January 19, 2012

As was discussed in-depth nearly precisely a year ago on One Free Korea, the North Korean border with China tends to be a place where memory goes to die.  That is to say, when it comes to news reports about the border, a tabula rasa among readers is commonly assumed.  Whenever the DPRK’s malignancy needs […]