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Does a New Ambassador Mean a “Reset” In China-North Korea Relations?

By | March 27, 2015

With a deep dive into Beijing’s internal bureaucratic politics and Li Jinjun’s predecessors in Pyongyang, Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga sheds light on China’s evolving stance toward North Korea.

A Soupçon of Anger: KCNA-China File No. 23

By | May 19, 2013

Looking back at a period of bilateral agony, Sino-NK returns to December 2012, capturing several critical months of North Korean discussion about China.

China-North Korea Dossier No. 4: Focus on Chinese Ambassador Liu Hongcai

By | April 06, 2013

Nick Miller’s comprehensive look at Chinese diplomatic interactions with North Korea from 2010-2012 sheds new light on the role of Ambassador Liu Hongcai.

Ambassadeurs chinois en Corée du Nord: Sizing Up Chinese Ambassadors in Pyongyang

By | April 12, 2012

With the speed of events these past few days overtaking the ability to cover all the necessary ground, we here at are endeavoring to spread the figurative battlefield further, in the hopes of finally outflanking the topic of Chinese-North Korean relations in this cruel month. Today’s post reprises the last two Chinese ambassadors to […]

Reading the ‘Riot Act’: North Korea Themes in the Chinese Media, March 2012

By | April 01, 2012

Reading the ‘Riot Act’: North Korea Themes in the Chinese Media, March 2012 by Adam Cathcart President Obama’s recent critiques of China’s failure to coerce the DPRK back from the launching pad are worth revisiting. The American President repeats, more or less, Bush administration complaints that China is still holding back from using what tends […]

Happy Birthday, Dear Leader: KCNA File No. 10

By | March 27, 2012

Click here for the full text of the KCNA-China File No 10 (Feb 12-Feb 18, 2012) Happy Birthday, Dear Leader: KCNA File No. 10  Compiled and analyzed by Evan Koepfler, Pacific Lutheran University Amid the array of stories this week that focused on the honoring of DPRK leaders with floral baskets and official statements, and […]

‘Distorting and Speaking Ill of the Reality of the DPRK’: KCNA China File No. 4

By | January 19, 2012

The first week of January was a peculiar time in North Korea and for Sino-North Korean relations in particular.  Kim Jong Un emerged in full, leading up to his January 8 birthday close-up, doing on-site inspections, attending concerts of canatas praising Kim Jong Il with the old generals, generally coddling the military, and paying no […]

Ambassador Liu Reappears, or, Why Opera Matters

By | January 13, 2012

It is a working assumption here at Sino-NK that the Chinese Embassy has been decidedly on “the outs” with the North Korean leadership in the immediate aftermath of Kim Jong Il’s death.  The strife over the mysterious deaths of seven Chinese businessmen/tourists in late November 2011, along with the Embassy’s public implication that Kim’s death […]