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Hopefully More than an Inch: Weekly Digest

By | April 19, 2012

If it has yet to be done, April should be commemorated as international missile test month for the year 2012. A couple of days before and just a few more after Kim Jong Un’s speech (full English text) to the people of the DPRK during his grandfather’s centennial celebration, three states, two nuclear, test-fired missiles […]

Open Questions in the Aftermath of April 15

By | April 17, 2012

Open Questions in the Aftermath of April 15 by Adam Cathcart Unlike the DPRK economy, news about North Korea is moving faster than a horse with wings, and it’s easy to feel that the arc of events has overtaken one’s ability to trace everything that is occurring. Consider this series of facts: In the space […]

China’s Headache: Pressure Points on North Korea

By | April 14, 2012

Analysts are not cartoonists, nor are they plaintive photographers who can stun us into insight in a single instant. In a media environment where one is often provoked to, in Aidan Foster-Carter’s phrase, “cue the sneer” toward East Asia’s one-party states, the analyst has to plunge ahead anyway with meaningful work.  Thus Nick Miller, SinoNK’s […]

The Cruelest Month: Chinese Media Commentary on the Missile Launch Preparations

By | April 08, 2012

The Cruelest Month: Chinese Media Commentary on the Missile Launch Preparations by Adam Cathcart The New York Times, in a fascinating look at the outlook for another nuclear test in the DPRK, would have us believe that Xinhua was mainly obfuscating about the pending launch, but the truth is somewhat more complicated.  The following Chinese […]

Parsing PRC and DPRK Foreign Ministry Statements on Satellite Launches

By | April 05, 2012

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Ministry/MFA/外交部) dominates a corner of the Chaoyang district; its grey girth looms not far at all from the DPRK Embassy. While the MFA is not the driving Chinese institution in relations with North Korea, it does play a key role in articulating China’s public concerns about the alliance; the […]

Missile Launch: A Show of Weakness or Strength?

By | March 31, 2012

Conjectural writings on the meaning of the announced North Korean missile launch are in no short supply these days, but answers remain difficult to come by. Filip Ek, Sino-NK’s Analyst at Lund University, Sweden, arrives at the subject with a solid reading of some of the recent journal literature, seeking patterns of provocation, fissure, and […]