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Challenges to Reform in North Korea: Structure, Agency and the Constitution of the Selectorate

By | July 22, 2013

Have the reported changes in policy or new media flows rebalanced the North Korean state and society in an observable way? In a paper from the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of the Yonsei Journal of International Studies, James Burt uses Giddens’ Structuration Theory to refocus the lens on the Juche’s relationship to agents and structures.

Camp 22 and Camp 14: Barbed Signposts for the New Kim Era

By | January 27, 2013

This essay by Christopher Green covers the alleged closure of Camp 22, dissects news that Camp 14 is expanding, and casts doubt upon Kim Jong-un’s approach to human rights in North Korea.

Expedient Sell-Off or Prosperous Fundament? Scott Bruce on North Korea’s Mineral Economy

By | August 30, 2012

Scott Bruce, at The Diplomat, investigates the connection between North Korean economic reform and the country’s deep and possibly transformative mineral reserves.

Translating Jang Song Taek in Beijing: A Communique Troika

By | August 18, 2012

Adam Cathcart tracks down significant divergences in the Chinese and English versions of the public statements released in Beijing after the visit of North Korean leader Jang Song-taek to the Chinese capital.

Deer Musk and Female Dominance: North Korea in the 2012 London Olympics

By | July 18, 2012

Deer Musk and Female Dominance: North Korea in the 2012 London Olympics by Benjamin R. Young In a matter of days, the welcome ceremony for the 2012 Olympics will commence and the games will officially begin.  If past experience is any guide, world media will be mainly focusing on the three major athletic powerhouse nations […]

‘Distorting and Speaking Ill of the Reality of the DPRK’: KCNA China File No. 4

By | January 19, 2012

The first week of January was a peculiar time in North Korea and for Sino-North Korean relations in particular.  Kim Jong Un emerged in full, leading up to his January 8 birthday close-up, doing on-site inspections, attending concerts of canatas praising Kim Jong Il with the old generals, generally coddling the military, and paying no […]