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Framing Epistemic Communities in North Korea: From Fungus to Botanical Gardens

By | January 30, 2014

North Korean developmental praxis relies on epistemic communities and research institutions to achieve its goals. The country’s institutions are not only meta-devices for rolling out in reportage to add a veneer of intellectual legitimacy to centralized dictat, as Robert Winstanley-Chesters reveals in the case of Pyongyang Botanical Gardens.

Angry Birds in Pyongyang: Dutch Reportage from North Korea

By | May 01, 2012

The relationship between the DPRK and the Netherlands, most recently buttressed by a nice message from Kim Yong Nam on the occasion of Queen’s Day (April 30),  is one of the more interesting of North Korea’s diplomatic ties in Europe.  But what about Dutch writing about North Korea?  What gains might be made from a […]