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“War Criminal” 365 Days a Year: On the Purported Cell Phone Ban in the DPRK

By | February 13, 2012

David Matthew, Analyst and Technology Editor for, is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Policy at Edinburgh University in the UK with a focus on security, trade, and technology in the Asia-Pacific. His essay at The Diplomat’s “ASEAN Beat”, taking on the subject of recent US-Singapore alignments, was also published today.  — Editor-in-Chief  ‘War Criminal’ 365 […]

“Anti-Drug Campaigns Expanding”: Rodong Sinmun in Translation

By | February 13, 2012

Just as we’re having a discussion here at and at Aujourd’hui en Chine about the growing methamphetamine [冰毒/빙두] problem in North Korea,  right on cue the Rodong Sinmun issues the following commentary on “anti-drug campaigns” in the developing world.  While the North continues to dismiss claims about drug manufacturing and abuse in the DPRK, the author […]

Defusing Rumors, Defending Tibet, and the Reemergence of Wen Jiabao: KCNA’s China Coverage

By | February 13, 2012

Yesterday, North Korea’s top propagandists orchestrated and participated in a gunpowder-tinged burst of oath-taking and ideological consolidation at Kim Jong-Il’s mythical birthplace near Mount Paektu.  As Kim Jong-il’s 70th birthday approaches, men like Kim Ki-Nam will continue a stream of predictable communications regarding the departed Dear Leader’s perspisacity. But can North Korea’s propaganda and news […]