Calling Kim After Midnight: Putin in Pyongyang

By | June 20, 2024

What is behind the Russia-North Korea summit in Pyongyang? Anthony Rinna returns to Sino-NK with an overarching analysis.

The Dandong Chess Board: Trade, Anti-Corruption, and Russian Visitors

By | May 26, 2024

What are the ambitions of Chinese Communist Party cadre in Dandong in opening up further to North Korea and Russia? And a local anti-corruption update.

North Korea’s Leap Forward in Air Defense Modernization 

By | May 04, 2024

This article analyzes the evolution of North Korea’s air defense capabilities since 2017, focusing on recent advancements and their geopolitical implications.

Welfare Nationalism in Divided Societies

By and | April 30, 2024

New research explores the concept of welfare nationalism in unified Germany and divided South Korea, underscoring the relationship between welfare attitudes and national identity.

Weak Parties Are No Problem for South Korean Partisans

By and | April 10, 2024

New research demonstrates that partisan and ideological affiliations retain influence in voter preferences in South Korea, despite the country’s weak party system.

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