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Sanctions, Shedding Tears, and New Developments in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: Recent KCNA Coverage on China

By | March 12, 2012

Please click here to view KCNA File No. 9 in its entirety KCNA File No. 9, 5 February 2012-11 February 2012 by Evan Koepfler KCNA focused more attention on China this week, with a total of ten stories published. Compared to past weeks, this may seem like a moderate increase, but with the multitude of […]

Kim Song-nam and Jon Hui Jong: North Korea’s éminence grise for China?

By | March 06, 2012

With the publication of the most successful revised dissertation in recent memory, Patrick McEachern’s Inside the Red Box, institutionally-oriented analyses are back in vogue when it comes to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. However, the weight and activities of some personalities still matter very much more than others in the DPRK, and Nicolas Levi’s […]

Evaluation of the Development Plan for Hwanggumpyong Island and Wihwa Island

By | February 15, 2012

It would now be hard to find a single serious analyst who believes that Chinese aid is not central to keeping the DPRK afloat. But despite the huge influx of Chinese capital into North Korea, many Chinese investors continue to harbor serious doubts about the reliability of investments in North Korea. In this essay, Alan […]

China-North Korea Dossier No. 2: “China’s ‘Measure of Reserve’ toward Succession”

By and | February 09, 2012

North Korean resentment of China has multiple origins, but the PRC’s refusal to immediately accept Kim Jong-il as heir is surely one. New CIA documents tell the story.

Satellites and Sanctions: KCNA Goes Quiet on China

By | February 05, 2012

One-month removed from death of Kim Jong Il, the Korean Central News Agency reported fewer stories about developments in China and Chinese-Korean relations during the week of 15 January – 21 January 2012. The KCNA paid lip service to Chinese technological developments and offered support to the PRC’s stance on international issues (Iranian sanctions), and highlighted […]