Infiltration: Spelunker’s Three Expeditions into North Korea from Dandong

By | April 02, 2012

DISCLAIMER: We here at do not recommend nor do we engage in illegal cross-border travel between China and North Korea. For readers interested in traveling to North Korea (including Rason), we suggest Koryo Tours, a legally authorized and extremely efficient travel agency.  However, because we believe the border region to be an important area […]

The Northeastern History Project and the Battle for the Past

By | March 03, 2012

Ji’an is a small city on the upper reaches of the Yalu River whose claim to fame is twofold: it has a bridge to the DPRK (Manp’o) which functioned as the main switching-point for China’s intervention in the Korean War, and it has ancient monuments. The latter are profuse, encountered as a layering on of […]