Chinese Foreign Relations

Anti-Rat Bombast and Rational Conference: Weekly Digest

By | May 05, 2012

Spring arrives, and with it, the season for demonstrations of all kinds — spontaneous, coordinated, repressed. Comrades in Zhongnanhai are hardly ignorant of the fact, but it is the North Korean leadership that has taken mobilization to new levels with the blossoming weather.  After all, there is no point in ending up like Syria.  Steven […]

Strategic Divergence: Different Countries, Differing Views

By | May 04, 2012

Although it may be too early to tell, it seems that a strategic divergence may be developing between Washington and Seoul as a result of domestic politics and frustration over failed diplomacy.  A nascent surge in populism in South Korean politics and indications of a hawkish shift in American foreign policy towards the peninsula suggest […]

16 Wheels of Controversy: April Parade Repercussions

By | April 22, 2012

The Sino-NK editorial team is presently like you, dear reader, in that it has been trying to keep up with the torrent of recent news surrounding China’s relations with North Korea.  But chronicling possible pivot points in more or less “real time” is not without its hazards, and pivot points can always lacerate the analyst.  […]

Media Fugue: Rounding Up the Rocket Op-Eds

By | April 09, 2012

Media Fugue: Rounding Up the Rocket Op-Eds by Adam Cathcart The news cycles as regards North Korea seem to be doubling and redoubling their speed lately, the way that certain German Baroque composers can still surprise you with a huge burst of post-fantasia imitative counterpoint. Fortunately, a foray onto the Twitterwebs (where @Sino_NK has an […]

Acuto, Strategic Distrust and the Pivot: Weekly Digest

By | April 07, 2012

When it comes to North Korea and Northeast Asian security issues, analysis spilling from the pens of Western academics tends to focus on American decision makers and United States grand strategy in the region.  In this weekly digest installment, SinoNK focuses on three recent publications that deal with, in in some form or another, a […]

The Ideational Balance of Power: KCNA File No. 13

By | April 01, 2012

Click here to view KNCA File No. 13 (March 4 – March 10) in its entirety. Although Americans may be emphasizing values and the importance of ideational issues in an era of declining American power following two costly wars and an economic crisis, KCNA File No. 13 reminds our readers from North America and Europe that the ideational […]