DPRK Foreign Relations

China’s Ground Game in Dandong and North Korea

By | January 27, 2024

As Sino-North Korean bilateral relations intensify, Adam Cathcart looks at China’s ground game in Pyongyang and Dandong, with a focus on business.

The Rhetorical Politics of Ending the Korean War: Eisenhower, Dulles and Mao’s China

By | March 25, 2023

In this essay, Rory de Mellow examines the reconceptualisation of US foreign policy during and after the Korean War.

Russia’s Iskander Ballistic Missile System Has Long Worried NATO: Its North Korean Cousin is Much More Dangerous

By | October 13, 2022

Analysis of a new North Korean weapon that bears a striking resemblance to Russia’s Iskander missile.

Pro-Kremlin Media: Closer Ties with North Korea Needed Against the West

By | October 09, 2022

A sanctioned Russian media outlet calls for the Kremlin to shore up ties with North Korea against the West.