Public Opinion

North Korea According to Our Words: How Do We Write about Those We Do Not Understand?

By | December 02, 2012

Shirley Lee (New Focus International) argues for a new approach to writing and understanding North Korea by engaging the groups that can provide the information needed to understand the country.

Red State, Blue State, Slave State: Reviewing Melanie Kirkpatrick’s “Escape from North Korea” (Part I)

By | November 06, 2012

Adam Cathcart embarks on a review of a new text which analyzes the China-North Korean border region and the Korean “refugee crisis” in northeast Asia, with reference to antebellum America.

The Kim Han-Sol Interview: Let the Chopped Branches Speak

By | November 03, 2012

In this, the first part of the “SinoNK Han-sol Interview Debate,” Christopher Green presents his perspective on the Kim Han-sol interview, dismissing the idea that Pyongyang had a hand in the young man’s public bow.

Gusts of Popular Feeling: South Korean Presidential Race and North Korea, an Interview

By | October 07, 2012

In this exclusive interview, Steven Denney talks with Karl Friedhoff, Program Officer at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, about the forthcoming elections, presidential candidates, the North Korea-issue, and public opinion in South Korea.