#Shigak no. 6: The 6.4 Election Special

By | June 03, 2014

South Koreans go to the polls in what is seen by many as a referendum on Park Guen-hye and the ruling party’s performance since the current administration came to power in late 2012. The opposition hopes to score several key victories, but disorganization and systemic factors may prevent that from happening. These issues, and more, are explored in this issue of #Shigak.

#Shigak no. 5: The Sewol Effect

By | May 18, 2014

The sinking of the Sewol has affected South Korea in various ways. This issue of #Shigak explores the broader political, economic, and social effects of the tragic ferry accident, in addition to exploring other noteworthy reports.

#Shigak no. 4: Making Money, Spending Money, and Income Redistribution in South Korea

By | April 09, 2014

Salaries for South Korea’s multinational conglomerate tycoons, the debate over legal gambling, and welfare reform proposals get attention in this issue of #Shigak.

#Shigak no. 03: Cases of Sedition and Espionage and the Repatriation of Defectors

By | March 18, 2014

This issue of #Shigak pulls together annotated tweets on several high profile issues in or related to South Korea including the Lee Seok-ki sedition case, the Yu U-song spy trial, and the repatriation of North Korean defectors to South Korea from Canada.

#Shigak no. 2: Comfort Women Issues and Ahn Cheol-soo’s New Political Party

By | February 25, 2014

The South Korean nation has entered a new era. The prominence of defector resettlements and the treatment of foreign workers in media reports indicate as much. These topics are the central focus of this issue of #Shigak.

Introducing #Shigak | #시각: Perspectives on South Korea

By | February 05, 2014

Sino-NK rolls out Shigak, a new data collection and information management effort on South Korea that seeks to connect particular domestic issues with broader geopolitical, economic, and political concerns. Edited by Steven Denney and Christopher Green.