No DPRK Arms to Russia Without China’s Say-So

By | March 27, 2023

Looking at the North Korean weapons industry from the vantage point of Kiev, one analyst sees China as a key factor.

The Rhetorical Politics of Ending the Korean War: Eisenhower, Dulles and Mao’s China

By | March 25, 2023

In this essay, Rory de Mellow examines the reconceptualisation of US foreign policy during and after the Korean War.

Strategic Non-Ambiguity: South Korea’s Position on Ukraine Undermines Ties with Moscow

By | March 19, 2023

The already-sour state of cooperation with South Korea will only get worse if the ROK ships arms to Ukraine, says Moscow.

No “Light Out”: Ukraine Draws Upon South Korea’s Electrical Energy Expertise

By | March 16, 2023

Ukraine studies South Korea’s experience in keeping electrical energy infrastructure safe from attacks by a hostile neighbor.

Measuring South Korea’s Contribution to Ukraine’s Energy Sector

By | March 06, 2023

ROK aids Ukraine’s war-damaged energy sector, perhaps a noteworthy act in a region where energy has become a de facto weapon of war.

UK-Japan Relations, Taiwan Troubles, and the Truss Tokyo Speech

By | February 22, 2023

A speech by failed Prime Minister Liz Truss has received ample news coverage. But what does it tell us about the UK’s friends and entanglements in East Asia?

Staring into the “Fog” of North Korea Reporting: Pyongyang’s January Lockdown

By | February 15, 2023

Sino-NK likes to look behind the scenes to the nuts and bolts of North Korea news-gathering. In this essay, Daily NK staffer Robert Lauler examines the details of a recent case: the Pyongyang lockdown.

Neither Repeats nor Rhymes: The Limits of “Korean War” Parallels in Ukraine 

By | February 12, 2023

After Ukrainian presidential adviser speaks of the possibility of a “Korea scenario” in Ukraine, a Ukrainian scholar responds based on Korea’s past and present.

One Year On: A South Korean Perspective On The Post-2022 International Order

By | February 08, 2023

Five challenges that South Korea faces post-2022, with little room for maneuverability and no room for error.