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Red Glare: Chinese Responses to the DPRK’s Launch

By | December 18, 2012

Chinese-language responses to the North Korean missile launch were protean; our team of Cathcart/Cavazos/Beauchamp summarizes 21 such stories, with graphics galore.

Don’t Fear the Tiger: Huanqiu Shibao, Chinese Delegations, and Netizen Responses to the North Korean Rocket

By | December 07, 2012

China’s state media is urging calm as regards the North Korean rocket launch — or is it? Analysis/translation by Adam Cathcart and Roger Cavazos.

“In Any Authoritarian Country:” Subversive Chinese Readings of Kim Jong-un’s Purges

By | November 29, 2012

While the foreign media was possessed by a transitory joke involving The Onion, a bruising Chinese editorial appeared about the purge of General Ri Yong-ho. Adam Cathcart and Roger Cavazos translate and analyze.

Porous Net: 28 Questions on the “Chinese Fisherman Held Hostage by North Korea” Narrative

By | May 21, 2012

Porous Net: 28 Questions on the “Chinese Fisherman Held Hostage by North Korea” Narrative by Adam Cathcart It remains a bit early to draw sweeping conclusions about what this all means, the data points are adding up to a not-so-pretty picture and the fallout to China’s relationship with North Korea seems likely to be rather […]

Un Ha 3, We Barely Knew Ye: KCNA File No. 15

By | April 13, 2012

Click here to view the KCNA-China File No 15 -Mar 18-March 24 in its entirety In response to the seemingly endless slavos of news reports, scattered op-eds (see Jennifer Lind or Choe Sang Hun, for two good examples) and even SinoNK’s own analysis regarding the recent (failed) satellite missile launch, readers may be left wondering: what more could possibly […]

Media Fugue: Rounding Up the Rocket Op-Eds

By | April 09, 2012

Media Fugue: Rounding Up the Rocket Op-Eds by Adam Cathcart The news cycles as regards North Korea seem to be doubling and redoubling their speed lately, the way that certain German Baroque composers can still surprise you with a huge burst of post-fantasia imitative counterpoint. Fortunately, a foray onto the Twitterwebs (where @Sino_NK has an […]

Two Chinese Visions of Post-Kim Jong Il North Korea: Translations

By | December 28, 2011

A much more extensive Sino-NK Document Dossier is in the works, gathering up a number of sources in translation for a more comprehensive look at Chinese views of the North Korean transition, but in the meantime two translated editorials will suffice: 1. Sun Xingsong [孙兴杰] “Severe Challenges Facing the Kim Jong Eun Era [金正恩时代面临重重挑战],” Huanqiu […]

“Protecting North Korea’s Freedom of Choice”: Huanqiu Shibao Lead Editorial

By | December 20, 2011

Here is the full text of today’s (December 20) Huanqiu Shibao editorial about China’s outlook on the Kim Jong Il aftermath in North Korea.  Underlined text below does not appear in the Global Times’ English language version of the piece.    中国是朝鲜平稳过渡的可靠后盾 / China is North Korea’s Reliable Support for Smooth Transition 朝鲜最高领导人金正日突然去世,中国迅速表示哀悼。这是东北亚的重要事件,无论朝鲜如何度过权力交替期,一些国家都会把这当成改变地区战略格局的契机,朝鲜的稳定和地区战略稳定都面临考验。中国此时的态度很重要。中国须坚决、明确地维护朝鲜的独立自主,保障朝鲜的权力过渡不受外部的干扰,保障朝鲜选择国家道路的自由。North Korea’s highest leader Kim […]