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“A Responsible Nuclear State:” The Moscow Statement and DPRK’s Disarmament Dreams

By | October 09, 2012

What to make of the latest North Korean Foreign Ministry disarmament speech? Will there be a third nuclear test? Jende Huang, now studying proliferation at the Monterey Institute, returns to SinoNK with analysis of statements and intent.

Trope Deconstruction 101: “Iranian Scientists May Attend N. Korean Nuclear Test”

By | May 02, 2012

Trope Deconstruction 101: “Iranian Scientists May Attend N. Korean Nuclear Test” by Adam Cathcart At, we have previously deconstructed the rumors that a.) North Korea conducted a previously unknown nuclear test in May 2010 and that b.) that alleged test was of an Iranian nuclear weapon.  To put it mildly, the former assertion is […]

NSA on the Edge: Gen. Kim Won Hong and the National Security Agency’s Rise to Prominence on the Frontier

By | April 24, 2012

Anyone who has wandered around the city of Berlin in a long twilight or early morning could tell you that borders have meaning, and that severe dangers accrue to those who have, under the wrong circumstances, attempted to breach them. The Sino-Korean frontier is not the site of an iconic wall, nor is it precisely […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Recent Activity on the Sino-DPRK Frontier (Part 3)

By | March 21, 2012

When the debate about North Korea shifts to outer space, it becomes suddenly easy to overlook the ongoing actions and interactions along the long frontier adjoining China and North Korea.  Jende Huang’s post indicates that, in spite of China’s evident discomfort with North Korea’s recent diplomatic maneuvers, the PRC has in no way relaxed its […]

What Next for the DPRK Fusion Claim?

By | March 05, 2012

What Next for the DPRK Fusion Claim? by Jende Huang As discussed yesterday in a post by Sino-NK’s editor, an author writing in the German newspaper Die Welt is claiming that the DPRK performed a nuclear test for the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2010. The claim, made by a former German defense official, can be […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop—Recent Activity on the Sino-DPRK Border (Part 2)

By | February 21, 2012

Does the North Korean National Security Agency roam the Manchurian frontier to retrieve defectors? Chinese and Korean troops and security personnel crisscrossed the Sino-Korean border with great ease during the Chinese Civil War and the Korean War, but the pretext then was much more extreme: armies of threatening enemy soldiers existed, not handfuls of refugees.   […]

Blog Buzz

By | February 19, 2012

In the spirit of Pyongyang’s speed campaigns and China’s rapid (though not entirely ungreased by corruption) railways, we would like to bring you a few of the more interesting points of connectivity from the past week. — Adam Cathcart and Charles Kraus, co-editors 1. Twitter activity was accelerated.  The SinoNK Twitter feed allows you to […]

“Anti-Drug Campaigns Expanding”: Rodong Sinmun in Translation

By | February 13, 2012

Just as we’re having a discussion here at and at Aujourd’hui en Chine about the growing methamphetamine [冰毒/빙두] problem in North Korea,  right on cue the Rodong Sinmun issues the following commentary on “anti-drug campaigns” in the developing world.  While the North continues to dismiss claims about drug manufacturing and abuse in the DPRK, the author […]