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Charismatic Environs: From Local Landscape to National Landschaft

By | September 05, 2013

As this sweeping essay illustrates, Kim Jong-un’s obsession with turf and landscape, far from being gratuitous, is in fact part of the North Korean leadership’s art of imbuing the very land of the DPRK with charismatic qualities.

Yongusil 3: Sino-NK at JEAS, Nottingham on September 5th

By | September 04, 2013

Sino-NK debuts as a panel organizer as Dr. Adam Cathcart, Dr. Robert Winstanley-Chesters and Christopher Green meet in Nottingham for a panel at the prestigious JEAS Conference. The subject? “Redefining North Korea.”

Political and Environmental Organization in North Korea: From Charismatic Politics to Landscapes of Charisma

By | August 22, 2013

Looking at how we might interpret landscapes in an environment of charismatic politics in North Korea, Robert Winstanley-Chesters finds in the work on on the relationship between the politics and the environment a new and useful theory that goes beyond politics, persons, and personhoods. Borne of the politics of charisma is a “landscapes of charisma.”

Charisma vs. the Power Grid: Calculating Priorities and Hallucinations in Kim Jong-un’s Speech

By | January 03, 2013

Facing dysfunction in the nation’s power grid, Roger Cavazos (Nautilus Institute) and Adam Cathcart explore the gap between Kim Jong-un’s charismatic message and the low wattage of reality.

France and North Korea: Odd Partners

By | May 03, 2012

When Charles de Gaulle’s government shocked the West in 1964 by recognizing Maoist China, a French trend of difference — particularly when it comes to East Asia — with its neighbors and the United States was emphasized.  Today, even as France is locked in a domestic struggle for the angry rural voter and “neither advancing […]

Kim Family Business: North Korean Elite Social Networks and DPRK Foreign Trade

By | March 22, 2012

To what extent is North Korea prone to “open up” to the outside via foreign trade? And what role do North Korean family networks play in this trade activity?  Nicolas Levi writes from Warsaw with much data to consider in pursuit of these questions. – Adam Cathcart, Editor-in-Chief.    Kim Family Business: North Korean Elite […]