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Is North Korea a Rational Actor? The Wrong and Right Questions to Ask

By | December 05, 2013

Is North Korea “Bad or Mad?” In her critique of the securitization paradigm, Morgan Potts claims this is the wrong questions to ask. She suggests different, more empathetic questions that aim at “knowing” rather than “othering.”

The Amulet: Chinese Justification for North Korea’s Nuclear Ambitions

By | April 01, 2013

Mycal Ford parses an op-ed indicating reservoirs of support in the PRC establishment for North Korea’s formula of economic development via nuclear weapons.

Phobia of Nuclear War: Interviews with North Koreans

By | March 09, 2013

Short interviews with North Korean citizens indicate that, for the DPRK, the spreading discussion of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula is a double-edged sword.

A Most Peculiar Country: China’s Southern Weekly on North Korea

By | February 08, 2013

F. Bleeker translates a Southern Weekly article indicating that Chinese hopes for Kim Jong-un as reformer have given way to perceptions of a tougher neighbor than his late father ever was.

Cooling the Nuclear Hotspot: Advocating a PRC Nuclear Umbrella for North Korea

By | January 16, 2013

If China can provide a reliable nuclear umbrella, will “relevant countries” abandon their nuclear plans? On the brink of a third DPRK nuclear test, a Chinese analyst puts forth a solution.

April 15 Roundtable

By | April 15, 2012

With the arrival of April 15, North Korea has arrived at the 100th birth anniversary of its founder Kim Il Sung. We here at are fervent believers in the importance of the politics of memory in the DPRK and among its allies — and for more about this topic, one can consult the list […]

A History of Mistrust: Niv Farago on US-DPRK Relations

By | March 09, 2012

A History of Mistrust:  the United States and North Korea An Interview with Niv Farago Conducted by Steven Denney and Joe Litt, Yonsei University North Korea, despite its dismal GDP, relatively small population and status as the world’s “Hermit Kingdom,” garners a great deal of international attention. One reason for the attention, without a doubt, […]

Think-Tank Watch

By | February 17, 2012

Steven Denney is editor-in-chief  of PEAR, Yonsei University’s graduate journal, a leading voice at the Political Cartel (East Asia) blog, and a master’s student in Global Studies at Yonsei University. In the “week in review” for February 13 through February 17, 2012, Denney, Think-Tank Analyst for, compiles a list of recent articles on North Korea and Sino-North Korean relations. […]