Igniting Daily NK Inroads

By | December 20, 2011 | No Comments

Amid the Kim Jong Il news, a column of mine on a strange traffic accident last month which portended ill for the Sino-North Korean relationship was published on the morning of December 19 on the Daily NK.

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  1. Whats happening? I hit the Sino-NK button and was browsing thru the scholars – omg Mr Forster-Carter gives a lot away, and anyway, I know most of his pre-liberal colleagues – and suddenly there is this deluge of posts.
    Adam, this site also calls for a much more scholarly writing style.
    Wonks don’t like eccentric scribbling.
    I will also recontruct my writing style to fit into this new forum.
    Which gets off to a flying start with a topical death.

  2. Made a couple of adjustments on the scribbling front, KT, hope this suits you better, I do appreciate the critiques.

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