Breaking Down Signals in North Korean New Years Editorials: Tweet Barrage

By | January 01, 2012 | No Comments

There will be ample time to discern and dissemble whether or how North Korea is taking what China continues to urge (e.g. the path of “reform and opening up” and a reduction in military expenditures) but there are all manner of clues present in the New Years Editorials posted at KCNA yesterday.

The editorials can be found here.  In lieu of a longer essay about the documents, please rather reference a barrage of Tweets released today  on the Twitter feed of SinoNK’s editor, Adam Cathcart.  John Delury at Yonsei, who is a person of great interest to this website, responded to one with a semi-prediction that April 25, 2012 might be a likely day for a North Korean military provocation.

Two minor housekeeping notes:  For the convenience of readers in South Korea for whom KCNA is blocked, a fair number of direct quotes are included in the Tweets.  Also, @Sino_NK is not yet beginning a Twitter campaign, but should be up and active by February 8, 2012 if not before, so do ahead and sign up for it if you so choose.

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