KCNA’s China Prism: Analyzing North Korean Media

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We are pleased to bring to readers KCNA File No 2 – December 10-17, 2011, a complilation of KCNA’s China-related news in the week prior to Kim Jong Il’s death.  Having such data as a baseline is helpful in understanding how, if at all, North Korea’s receptiveness toward China is changing in the “Kim Jong Un era.”  

This also represents the first in a series of posts by KCNA Analyst Evan Koepfler, whose biography (along with some new additions to the group of analysts at this site) can be found on the “Staff” page on the links bar above.  — Editor.

This post represents the beginning of an ongoing project with the goal of analyzing the Sino-North Korean relationship through the lens of the North Korean state run news, Korean Central News Agency, or KCNA.  I will be reading KCNA dispatches with the primary goal of tracking the movements of Chinese officials as they interact with North Korea and beyond, as well as focusing on what KCNA editors pay attention to when it comes to China. These topics may include China as a model for North Korea, both economically, and socially, and in the evolution of the bilateral relationship in the wake of Kim Jong Il’s death. Posts will come out weekly, and, for the convenience of readers, will include full text KCNA story compilations for each given week.

— Evan Koepfler, Pacific Lutheran University

KCNA Cameraman seeks an angle on PRC Premier Wen Jiabao at a Mao Anying Commemorative Event, DPRK, October 2009

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