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‘True to the Instructions of the Great General’: Political Stability and Youth Work in Post-Kim Jong Il North Korea

By | February 29, 2012

On November 25, 1945, the northwestern city of Sinuiju was gripped by a coordinated rebellion of anti-communist youth.  The multiple demonstrations on that day began with violence, and were violently suppressed. When the gunpowder aurora had lifted, the Soviet administrators summoned Kim Il Song from Pyongyang by airplane — the 30-something leader who had been […]

Refoulement et l’Espionnage: Recent European Reportage and Analysis on the Refugee Issue

By | February 28, 2012

Germany’s media market is particularly good at covering certain East Asian issues.  Der Tagesspiegel‘s coverage of the Ai Weiwei affair, for instance, was nothing short of spectacular, and ongoing attention to Japan and China’s memory wars is also top-notch among journalists and writers in Berlin.  Add to that a certain German flair for coverage of […]

Between Benign Neglect and Active Deportation: Chinese Policy on North Korean Refugees

By | February 27, 2012

Beijing’s role as a regional and international channel for inter-Korean relations has its benefits, and highlights the PRC’s centrality and prestige.  At other times, however, that same centrality is a quagmire, as with the refugee issue.  How does the CCP regard the refugees, and how has the relevant policy shifted, if at all?  What role […]

Conflicting Signals on the Refugee Issue, and a KCNA-Xinhua Pastiche

By | February 27, 2012

While the refugee issue metasizes in Seoul and curiously grows on the Chinese internet, life continues its rhythms in Pyongyang, and in the hallways of state media. — Editor Conflicting Signals on the Refugee Issue, and a KCNA-Xinhua Pastiche by Adam Cathcart – There were some very strong hints following Li Keqiang’s visit to both […]


By | February 26, 2012


Weekly Digest

By | February 24, 2012

Steven Denney is the Editor-in-Chief of the Yonsei Journal of International Studies (PEAR) — a journal which is accepting submissions from graduate students and junior faculty until March 15, Seoul time. As if sharpening his knives for the carnage of editing to come, Denney has been reading and thinking about the work of Bruce Cumings, […]

Blockages and Breakthroughs: Cultural Diplomacy and North Korea

By | February 23, 2012

Yesterday, Corée_Actualités launched a short missive which functioned as a kind of bouleversement of the normal: a 90-member delegation of the DPRK’s Unhasu Orchestra (consisting of 70 players) will be performing at the Salle Pleyel in Paris this coming March 21.  The French Radio Symphony Orchestra (l’Orchestre de Radio France) will be playing alongside Unhasu, under the direction of […]

China’s Rise and Its Effect on North Korea: Snyder, Byun, Economy, Moon

By | February 23, 2012

Think-Tank Watch remains in the queue for tomorrow, but in the meantime, a handful of sources and audio-visual content which may be of note to readers.  — Adam Cathcart, Editor – Foreign Affairs asks Elizabeth Economy about China & North Korea’s Future: – Scott Snyder and See-won Byun’s “China-Korea Relations: New Challenges in the Post-Kim Jong Il Era,” Comparative […]