Sino-North Korean Friendship as the “Last Instructions of General Secretary Kim Jong Il” : KCNA China File No. 18

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Chinese Tourism Pioneers from Yanji, Arriving at Mount Kumgang | Rodong Sinmun, July 13, 2012

Sino-North Korean Friendship as the “Last Instructions of General Secretary Kim Jong Il” : KCNA China File No. 18  

by Evan Koepfler

Of the 21 stories published about China by KCNA for this two-week period, 14 relating in a specific way the relationship between China and the DPRK. As with the previous KCNA-China File, this latest batch of stories seems focused on ensuring both North Korean and foreign readers are reminded of the strength of the traditional alliance with China, the reliable safety net. In addition to the usual delegations, coverage was granted to Mt. Chilbo as a tourist destination for Chinese citizens, and stories about commemoration of DPRK leaders by Chinese citizens.

Undoubtedly the important topic covered was the celebrations surrounding the 51st anniversary of the signing of the DPRK-China treaty. Four stories were published devoted solely to the coverage of this important event, which among other things detailed remarks by Liu Hongcai, the Chinese ambassador to North Korea, at a banquet. In remarks by Choe Chang Sik, the North Korean official stated that “It was the last instructions of General Secretary Kim Jong Il […] to boost the DPRK-China friendly and cooperative relations.”

It seems that this anniversary could not have come at a better time for the DPRK as it continues to find itself in disputes where the presence of China as an ally has greatly been to North Korea’s benefit. Finally, a three stories were published about the rave reviews the DPRK’s opera “The Flower Girl” is receiving from theatregoers in China. This amount of coverage for an ostensibly non-political story is being used to demonstrate that the increasing cultural exchange between the two allies is being done in ways that will not endanger or alter North Korea’s official culture.

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