The Beijing Party Secretary and the Crowd: Incident at Mount Paektu

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On July 15, Liu Qi [刘奇], the CCP Party Secretary of Beijing, made an imperial progress to Mount Paektu/Changbaishan, resulting in the closing of the mountain to thousands of Chinese and South Korean tourists. The story is told in Chinese Weibo-style (handful of pics and some salty captions) here.  In a nutshell, Liu Qi’s motorcade was blocked by angry tourists who had spent no small sums of time and money to get to this particularly beautiful volcanic edge of Jilin province.  Eventually the derided Secretary was allowed passage with his entourage and the jilted tourists were allowed to climb the mountain free of charge.

Duowei News picked up the viral post, and did some additional commentary, highlighting critiques by South Korean visitors of the imperious ways of Chinese officials.

Above it All, With No Traffic Problems – Kim Il-song on Mount Paektu | Rodong Sinmun, July 8, 2012

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