Fruits of 1913: South Korea Goes to the Polls

By | December 18, 2012 | 1 Comment

In this brief election day video, Assistant Editor Christopher Green explains the three different election-outcome scenarios, based on percentage of voter turnout, against the backdrop of exhortations to vote by three South Korean newspapers: the Dong-a Ilbo (a widely circulated conservative newspaper) and the Hankyoreh and Kyunghan Shinmun (the two progressive bulwarks). Watch the video to learn about a Moon Jae-in winning scenario, a Park Geun-hye-winning scenario, and the proverbial “third-way” scenario, whereby the election is a toss up. At the time of the video (7am), 2.8% of the population had turned out to vote; as of 12PM (the approximate time of posting), voter turnout stands at 34.9% (as reported by Yonhap and JoongAng news updates). 꼭 꼭 투표합시다! – Steven Denney, Managing Editor

One Comment

  1. Prescient video and cogent analysis. Election came with a thin margin, but was peaceful. One the face, another dynastic transition yet with huge differences. Thanks, Chris. looking forward to more of these.