Yongusil 9: Treasured Swords under the Byungjin Line: a Trilogy

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As we head relentlessly towards 2014, goodness knows what ideologic and presentational shifts we will be presented with in the Young Generallismo’s New Years Editorial, what revolutionary speeds will be derived or what new manifestation of Songun politics will appear. As 2013 nears its end here in the Yongusil/Research Room we thought it might be a good idea to begin rounding off this tumultuous year with a second and combined outing for an important and possibly neglected analytic foray (neglected as it emerged piece by piece throughout the summer months), into the hinterlands and penumbra of North Korea’s most recent political frame. The Byungjin Line was everywhere in Spring 2013, from the closing of the Kaesong Industrial Zone to the Nuclear tests and their accompanying trans-national, global diplomatic fall out. Analysis and commentary on the possibilities, potential and meaning of Byungjin has been extensive from Professor Heonik Kwon’s considered and fruitful conception of Byungjin as “Parallelism” to numerous interesting posts here on Sino-NK. For most observers Byungjin’s ‘Treasured Swords’ potentially gleamed white on their launch pads, possessed not simply of ideologic content, but latent military threat. Robert Winstanley-Chesters however attempted to open up the analysis of Byungjn, inviting readers to consider its impact in other areas and the possibility that ‘Treasured Sword’s might come in not only all shapes and sizes, but from other realms of nature.  — Yongusil/Research Room

The full text (in a pdf format) can be downloaded here :

Treasured Swords under the Byungjin Line: a Triology


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