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Yongusil 91: New Frontiers in Korean Studies

By and | May 30, 2017

The new Institute for Korean Studies at the George Washington University recently hosted a workshop for young researchers, “New Frontiers in Korean Studies: Korea and the World.” 10 young scholars presented their work, each pursuing new directions in understanding Korean history, politics, and society.

THAAD and the Politicization of Missile Defense in South Korea

By | July 29, 2016

THAAD is a hot issue in South Korea today. There is conflict over the safety of the system, as well as popular anger at the government’s failure to consult the public at either the local or national level prior to announcing THAAD deployment. This has reinvigorated concerns over the relationship between democracy and the core tenets of the US-ROK alliance. Darcie Draudt investigates.

Yongusil 79: Market Size and Geography in North Korea

By | October 09, 2015

A new SAIS report uses satellite imagery to measure North Korean market sizes as they have fluctuated over the past decade. Sino-NK goes into orbit behind the oculus, assessing gains and limitations of the data.

South Korea’s Evolving Immigration Policy and National Identity Reflection

By | April 15, 2015

Rapid demographic changes in South Korea have changed the cultural and ethnic makeup of the nation. While official government discourse is optimistic, a closer look at peoples’ actual opinions paints a different picture. Darcie Draudt translates.

The Real South-South Conflict Deepens

By | January 16, 2015

When Korea analysts talk about “South-South” conflict, readers envision internecine political clashes driven by the plots and plans of the Korean Workers’ Party. However, these days South Korean society is beset by enough divisive issues of its own, as Darcie Draudt notes in her latest translation.

Yongusil 34: KEI Panel on Public Opinion in South Korea

By | May 15, 2014

The Korean Economic Institute of America has been sponsoring a wealth of panels and research themes. Darcie Draudt recounts analysis of South Korean public opinion from a recent panel at the institute.

Yongusil 28: USKI on Koryolink

By | March 08, 2014

Yonho Kim’s report for the USKI on Koryolink and Orascom’s joint-venture reveals some of the institutional negotiation its customers engage in order to utilize and access its service. From technical work arounds to a hidden customer base, Darcie Draught reviews this intriguing glimpse at consumer life in North Korea.

Outward Migration Flows in the Event of Regime Collapse: an Interview with Dr. Go Myong-hyun

By | October 22, 2013

In the event of regime collapse in North Korea, where would North Korean refugees go? How many would there be? Following the “North Korea Conference” at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, Darcie Draudt caught up with Asan Institute research fellow Dr. Go Myong-hyun for answers to these questions and more.

“Spearing the Hearts” of Our/Those Korean People

By | September 24, 2013

You feel aggrieved that your proposed round of separated family reunions were cancelled, but does that cancellation make talk of “one nation” more relevant, or less? Recent data suggests the latter, at least south of the 38th. Darcie Draudt cross-references the data sets.