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Packaged and Controlled by the Masculine State: Moranbong Band and Gender in New Chosun-Style Performance

By and | May 03, 2013

Darcie Draudt and Jimin Lee provide analysis of the Moranbong Band, plowing into the debate over gender, reform, and the future of North Korea.

Moranbong Band: Joseon Style Electronic Music on a New Level

By | April 08, 2013

Sino-NK’s Performing Arts Analyst Jimin Lee examines the Moranbong Band’s debut “Demonstration Concert” through the lens of its own name—that is, as a demonstration of its potential to act as bridge to the world with its “New Joseon Style” of pop musical performance.

Technology Linking: The DPRK’s “Quiet Opening”

By | October 26, 2012

Jimin Lee unfolds more sanction-busting tactics bringing the North Korean television scene up to date from Beijing. Intro by Roger Cavazos.

Visual Representations of North Korea: Harm or Benefit?

By | July 09, 2012

Jimin Lee looks into satirical artistic treatments and cinematic depictions of the DPRK.

Putting the Mass in Performance: Reflections on the Re-initiation of Arirang Season

By | June 08, 2012 Putting the Mass in Performance: Reflections on the Re-initiation of Arirang Season by Jimin Lee A few years ago, there was a viral video showing a North Korean student playing a xylophone with remarkable accuracy.  The child’s performance was so precise in every move and expression that it surprised many. This type of precision […]

Upstaging Dystopia: Adam Johnson and Suk-Young Kim on North Korea’s Performance Culture

By | May 08, 2012

Along with some fine displays of military bravura and a notable speech by the new North Korean leader-commissar (before he retired to enjoy a smoke), April was a month during which foreigners shone their bright talents as entertainers for the Pyongyang elite.  Now those musicians and jugglers and PLA singers (no true jesters were allowed, […]

Hybridization of Performance Scale: Missile Launch

By | May 03, 2012

We may never know what has transpired behind the curtain — or the growing wall of statues — in Pyongyang, but we can appreciate very much being treated as the audience to a great performance. The intermingled leadership of the Korean Workers’ Party and the Korean People’s Army has been putting their new auditorium in […]

North Korea’s Cha-Cha Dance with the U.S.A

By | April 03, 2012

Jimin Lee is the Analyst for Performing Arts. While Lee has already looked at North Korea’s cultural diplomacy with China and France, today Lee’s gaze turns toward a perennial enemy of the DPRK, the United States. – Charles Kraus, Managing Editor North Korea’s Cha-Cha Dance with the U.S.A by Jimin Lee The Washington Post […]