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Considering a Reset of China’s ‘Special Relationship’ with North Korea: Huffington Post Live

By | December 19, 2012

What is the broader outlook for China’s relationship with North Korea in the aftermath of the DPRK’s missile test? SinoNK joins a conversation with the Huffington Post.

A Progressive Perspective: Moon Chung-in on North Korea

By | April 26, 2012

What do progressive-liberals think is the best way to deal with North Korea? What do they make of previous administrations’ efforts to engage Pyongyang? In 2012, Steven Denney and Brian Gleason interviewed progressive bulwark Prof. Moon Chung-in.

The Memory of Kim

By | April 16, 2012

How would a unified Korea come to terms with the legacy of regime founder and “Eternal President” Kim Il Sung?  In this essay for, Jennifer Lind, Assistant Professor in the Department of Government, Dartmouth College, sketches several possibilities for how a unified Korea would approach the difficult but inevitable issue of historical reconciliation. Readers are also encouraged […]

China’s Headache: Pressure Points on North Korea

By | April 14, 2012

Analysts are not cartoonists, nor are they plaintive photographers who can stun us into insight in a single instant. In a media environment where one is often provoked to, in Aidan Foster-Carter’s phrase, “cue the sneer” toward East Asia’s one-party states, the analyst has to plunge ahead anyway with meaningful work.  Thus Nick Miller, SinoNK’s […]

China’s Pragmatic Approach to the North Korean Problem: Andrei Lankov on What China Wants

By | April 11, 2012

For North Korea watchers and close followers of China’s ties to North Korea, the existence of a “special relationship” between Pyongyang and Beijing practically goes without saying.  After all, with the possible exception of Pakistan (more here and here and here), North Korea is the only country with whom China has signed a formal alliance […]

China’s War Plans for Pyongyang

By | March 10, 2012

SinoNK’s Analyst for Chinese Geostrategy, Nick Miller, arrives with “three doubts” corresponding to China’s military planning with regard to North Korea. — Adam Cathcart, Editor-in-Chief China’s War Plans for Pyongyang by Nick Miller “In order to attack the strong, you must nurture them to make them even stronger.”  – Tai Kung[1] Among Western analysts, […]

Refoulement et l’Espionnage: Recent European Reportage and Analysis on the Refugee Issue

By | February 28, 2012

Germany’s media market is particularly good at covering certain East Asian issues.  Der Tagesspiegel‘s coverage of the Ai Weiwei affair, for instance, was nothing short of spectacular, and ongoing attention to Japan and China’s memory wars is also top-notch among journalists and writers in Berlin.  Add to that a certain German flair for coverage of […]

Conflicting Signals on the Refugee Issue, and a KCNA-Xinhua Pastiche

By | February 27, 2012

While the refugee issue metasizes in Seoul and curiously grows on the Chinese internet, life continues its rhythms in Pyongyang, and in the hallways of state media. — Editor Conflicting Signals on the Refugee Issue, and a KCNA-Xinhua Pastiche by Adam Cathcart – There were some very strong hints following Li Keqiang’s visit to both […]